The Miniature Pinscher: King of Toys

The Miniature Pinscher:
King of Toys

The Miniature Pinscher is an ideal family pet. He's a healthy, long-lived dog, whose small size and spirited personality allow him to maintain his youthful appearance throughout his lifetime. Physically, the Min Pin is a large dog in a small package. Standing 10 to 12½ inches from withers to ground, the breed is sturdy and compact, yet graceful and well balanced.

Intelligent and trainable, he also enjoys all forms of competition, from basic Obedience exercises through advanced Performance activities. In the show ring, the Min Pin is characterized by his unique high-stepping, hackney-like gait, fearless animation, and complete self-possession. He can't hide his faults under a long, glamorous coat. Every element must fit together harmoniously, creating the impression of a working dog in miniature.

Moving out at the end of the lead, he prances with assurance, head and tail held high. The Miniature Pinscher, by his bold and flashy look at me attitude, challenges all to recognize he's the King of Toys.

With 24 chapters and more than 400 photographs and illustrations, The Miniature Pinscher: King of Toys offers a comprehensive analysis of the Min Pin—as he's affectionately known to fanciers—with up-to-date information for pet owners, breeders, handlers, and trainers alike. It includes chapters on the history of the breed in its native Germany, the United States, and Canada, as well as its development in other parts of the world. It examines all aspects of pet care, such as locating a healthy puppy, grooming, feeding, basic training, correcting problem behavior, and house-training. It covers showing, handling, and judging, along with a thorough review of the breed standard. It provides advice on keeping the Min Pin healthy, with sections on routine care, first aid, and hereditary diseases. It also discusses breeding and raising puppies, with timely information on pregnancy, whelping, and puppy care.

2009, hardcover, 8.5 x 11 inches, illustrated, 304 pages
ISBN 978-0-9816444-0-0
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